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OEM Hydraulic Thin Cylinder
  • Quick Details Brand Name:YOUZHI Model Number:HTM140-SD Place of Origin:Taiwan Cylinder body material:Carbon steel Bore of cylinder:φ20、φ25、φ32、φ40、φ50、φ63、φ80 Diameter of piston rod:φ10、φ16、φ25、φ32、φ38 Shaft end type:N or W ,female male thread Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details:Standard package for oil thin cylinder Delivery Time:15 days for oil thin cylinder Product Description Compact construction for space saving. install for application in a restricted space. standardized specifications . Direct installation without need of any further accessories for saving cost. The cylinder barrel is manufactured from structural carbon steel internal wall is specially treated,featuring maximum smoothness and long service life. Axial and side manifold type eliminate the use of piping for upgrading appearance. HTM140-SD Axial single rod induction type hudraulic thin cylinder Order code E.g.:HTB-SD32*20N mean is HTB-thin cylinder series,type of SD Axial single rod,the bore of cylinder is 32 and the stroke is 20mm,the shartend type is “N”. Oil cylinder other forms of exercise The piston Single rod hydraulic cylinder piston rod at one end only. Is a single piston hydraulic cylinder as shown. Both ends of the import and export of oil port A and B can lead to pressure oil or oil return, in order to realize the two-way movement, is called the double-acting cylinder. The telescopic Telescopic hydraulic cylinder with secondary or multistage piston, as shown. Telescopic hydraulic cylinder piston out sequential from big to small, and is generally grew up racing back order. Telescopic cylinder can realize a long trip, and when retracted length is shorter, more compact structure. This kind of hydraulic cylinder is often used in engineering machinery and agricultural machinery. Oil cylinder two-dimensional figureOEM Hydraulic Thin Cylinder website:http://www.hydrau-youzhi.com/hydraulic-cylinder/hydraulic-thin-cylinder/