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Anybody else reading The Passage (trilogy)?
  • The Passage


    Holy cow, guys. I ordered this book for my library because I heard a sequel (The Twelve) was coming out in October and I figured it was going to be big. Well, it is going to be big, but my patrons can all go sit on their thumbs for a while because I’m reading it first. I spent the past — oh 3 weeks or so reading The Passage and I haven’t had that much fun with a novel in years. It’s a hefty tome (750+ pages) about a government military experiment gone wrong — virus»vampires»apocalypse, etc — but it’s written by a dude whose previous work was fairly highly regarded literary fiction. So what I’m saying is, you don’t have to cringe while you’re enjoying yourself. And if, like me, post-apocalyptic fiction makes your heart flutter in your chest, you will enjoy yourself. (You may be relieved to hear that it’s not as sublimely depressing or as high-minded as The Road, so you’re allowed to smile once in a while.) Combine Stephen King’s sense of narrative with the agile, easy-going voice of somebody like Steve Almond or Paul Auster and you’re getting the idea. Fast-paced, epic scale (The Passage has a 100-year arc), great characters, clean and occasionally arresting prose … plenty of thrills.

    The Twelve comes out in two weeks. I can’t wait. I actually looked up the dates on his book tour to see if he was coming through Atlanta. I never do that!

  • post-apocalyptic fiction makes your heart flutter in your chest

    well hello now!

    I’m reading a stunningly bad book at the moment, so maybe I’ll use The Passage to clear the palate.