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Transient Soundcloud Listening Summaries
  • //

    Ok, forget it.

  • Yeah, I don’t think they like it when people upload other people’s intellectual property

  • oh i was just going to use this thread to post links to todd terje mixes

  • Sorry nick :(

    I really liked the idea!

  • No, you’re right. I mean I suppose it’s no different to the kind of mix-posting, no-full-albums type of ethos we’ve always had, but a) obviously it’s against s/cloud’s rules, and b) it looks like it’s now against TNM’s rules (as per the new styicky from forge today)

  • It appears to be against soundcloud’s rules, indeed, but I would not interpret it as being against TNM’s. The sticky just says not to share pirated media, yeah? I think it would be quite a stretch to considering putting a song on a mix as sharing pirated media. Full albums are a different matter entirely, of course.

    And yeah, it was a pretty cool idea! Bummer.