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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - ALLELUJAH! DON’T BEND! ASCEND! (new 2012 album)
  • GY!BE have a new album coming out on October 15th. I’m really excited. It’s two drone things plus two big unreleased songs freshly recorded - what used to be called “Gamelan” and “Albanian”. Both are really good.

    Front cover

    I hope you also will be excited about this. Use this thread to talk about it, about the music when it comes out, about how awesome it is that GY!BE are putting out a record in 2012, or about how awesome pretty much everything they released remains.

  • a vinyl rip of this is out there.

    always thought i’d like gy!be more if they released a record that was more like the massive two-note drones in their live shows; this seems to be it.

  • Pre-ordered this yesterday. Don’t even care that shipping was fifteen bucks. Super excited for it.

  • This has vastly exceeded my expectations so far. The two long ones/two short ones format is more concise than usual for this band, and it works well. Nothing hits as hard as “Moya”, for example, but that’s what it seems to be reaching for.

    I’m generally pretty down on the reunion scene, but this record has me thinking that maybe I should go see these guys when they play here in February.

  • oh yeah, see the hell out of them

  • this better not be the end of a silver mt zion. as sacrilegious as it is, i listen to asmz records far more often than godspeed.

  • I liked that second ASMZ record, about sparks flying upwards or whatever. But I found diminishing returns as they became more vocal and rock oriented. I saw them live once and was confused by all the standing and guitar strumming and signing.

  • the first night at the empty bottle in chicago while touring after horses in the sky (their first u.s. tour?) was one of my favorite shows of all time. i like when efrim wails and howls in front of a string section. the band singing in round at the end of god bless our dead marines made my knees weak.

    granted, i’ve only seen godspeed once and i was sick enough that i had to leave early.

  • GYBE was my favorite relevant, currently active band in the early 2000s. Seeing them at the Miramar in Milwaukee in 2001 was one of my favorite shows of all time. I like that two different bands, comprised of the same people, but doing different things and judged completely differently, are both on our favorite shows ever list!

  • I would have enjoyed the GSY!BE reunion show I went to much better if the most annoying, talkingest motherfucker in the whole world hadn’t been immediately next to me.

    I got to really enjoy the loud parts.

  • i was pretty surprised to hear a new album is coming out. honestly it makes me feel better about skipping this tour since the activity makes me think that they may continue to be at least somewhat active (at least more than they were from 04-10). having seen them in the past and also more recently after the hiatus i do feel like the newer shows were lacking a bit in atmosphere.. and also less people playing made it feel like parts were really missing in some of the songs.

    i guess, though, if i don’t get to see them again, at least i’ve already seen them 8 times.

    albanian is great.. or whatever it’s being called now.

    i really should upload some of my godspeed recordings to the archive at some point.

  • distance said: i really should upload some of my godspeed recordings to the archive at some point.

    That would be awesome!

  • everything i’ve uploaded so far (just mogwai and eits) http://archive.org/bookmarks/distance

    however if you search by taper, someone uploaded the (incomplete) autechre recording i made back in 2001. i didn’t even know they’d given archive permission.

    for several of the shows i ran extra gear so i might do some mixing on them or just upload them as-is. i’m not sure what i’ve got ready to work with at the moment. i’/m in the process of retransferring all of my tapes.

  • I always wrote off that band sort of on principle because they seemed pretentious and I hated the song names and all that, and I had a bit of an anti “post-rock” stance during my formative years, but I’ll definitely give them and this new album a chance with a (more) open mind.

    I have a ticket for a Silver Mount Zion show in late November too! Are they going to play so ear-shatteringly loud that I will regret going in the first place?