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Chicago weekend 2012
  • Hey, so the lady and I are still planning on coming down the weekend of that beer thing, though since we are not going to be attending said beer thing, we were thinking we’ll just come down Saturday morning and leave Sunday evening. We’ll probably get a hotel for Saturday night, but you better believe we want to hang the fuck out with LPTJ, er, umm, TNM Chicago. What’s everyone going to be up to? I understand Josh will be around as well?

  • Assuming I am in town (which I should be), I’m down for hangouts. Beers at Revolution is always my suggestion.

  • When is this happening?

  • Nov. 3-4, I think?

  • I thought the beer thing was on 11/16?

  • Oh, my bad

  • I think “Sarah” aka NNY is also considering attending. I will also be present, not just because I live here, but because you guys are awesome.

  • It’s gonna be harder if Evan can’t come with me, ie drive, and he might have a show that day. I have some time to figure things out.

  • I will be tied up pretty much all day Saturday volunteering for the beer thing but keep me in the loop on what’s going on and I’ll hook up with you when I can

    I will likely be quite drunk if it’s Saturday evening after the beer fest.

  • UPDATE: If it is definitely the 16th, we are in—his show is on the 15th. Jeb, do you use any site in particular to find hotels? We need a cheeeeeap one that is preferably not right next to the El, which is what happened last time we went to Chicago.

  • So hey, alright if I invite myself to hang out with y’all? I would like to say hello.

  • Morgan! You’re invited. I invite you. F’reals.

  • Oops, I think Saturday is the 17th.

    We are taking the train down Saturday morning.

    Sarah, I’ll get back to you about hotels.

  • sarah said: Jeb, do you use any site in particular to find hotels? We need a cheeeeeap one that is preferably not right next to the El, which is what happened last time we went to Chicago.

    I do not know Chicago well, but I’ve heard good things about this site: http://www.hotels.com/

  • M sez she uses Expedia because it’s reliable and has good prices.

  • Someone in Chicago want to plan some neat things for us to do together?

  • RoyBiggins said: Morgan! You’re invited. I invite you. F’reals.

    Thank you! I appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing various peoples. I (unfortunately) don’t know anything about hotels in Chicago because I always stay with friends.

  • Man. Shit. I realized the other day that I’m not going to probably be able to make it to Chicago on this particular weekend due to some Thanksgiving things. I’m trying to get out of it but I doubt it’s going to happen. I haven’t seen you CHI dudes in awhile and it bums me the heck out.

  • Noooooooooooooo!

  • Josh I have met your brother two or three times now but have never met you, what’s up with that. I demand that this sad situation changes as soon as possible.

  • Josh, I saw you in downtown Milwaukee yesterday. You had glasses, though, so I’m thinking that maybe when you got eye surgery done, it caused an eyeglasses-wearing version of yourself to split off, doomed to wander the earth for all eternity.

  • It must be destroyed.

  • Morgan said: Josh I have met your brother two or three times now but have never met you, what’s up with that. I demand that this sad situation changes as soon as possible.

    I dunno what’s up with that, but it’s dumb. I think I just missed you one time in Lincoln too, like I got to some place right after you left. Where were you when I was in Milwaukee a couple months ago?

  • A couple months ago? If it was in July or very early August, I was in D.C. If it was another time, I was probably here…

  • Any updates on this? We want to figure out whether we should plan on coming down. Also, figuring out lodging arrangements. What’s up, TNMCHI?

  • Hey we are still planning on coming down this weekend, but will likely need a place to crash. Can anyone help out with that?

  • Dude you’d be welcome to crash with me but as I’m in the south suburbs now I’m not sure how desirable or convenient that would be for you. However, my couch/hideabed/extra room is yours if you want. Let me know so I can warn Mindy.

  • Hey Jim, thanks! We’ll be relying on public transit and the kindness of friends and/or strangers, would that cause issues with staying with you? All I know is that we want to hang out with awesome folks on Saturday, drink some beers, eat some food, whatever, and then on Sunday go to the MCA and maybe the Field Museum. We’re taking the Amtrak to Chicago and back.

    One of Mary’s friends might have space for us too, and that’d be in the city. We haven’t heard back from him yet, and frankly I’m cool with whatever. It’d be great to see Mindy and the kids, too!

  • If you guys are around, I will make myself available! I have a birthday party one of those weekend nights that I am gonna need to drop by, but other than that, no real things happening. Would love to see some museums and eat good grub (I forget if you’re veg, are either of you guys veg?)

  • We’re still planning on coming down. Still figuring out lodging arrangements, but hey, what-the-fuck-ever. We’re gonna make it happen. If people want to get some drinks, that would be especially awesome.

  • Oh, also, I am veg, Mary is not. If you want to hang out while we do the museum thing on Sunday, that’d be neat, though our main plan is to force a TNM/LPTJ meetup on Saturday.

  • Sorry I haven’t touched my computer all weekend. Yeah man I’m pretty sure it would be fine, I’ll need to run it past Mindy though I may have mentioned it to her when I was very drunk after a party on Saturday. There’s a commuter train that stops in our neighborhood but it’s a different line than the CTA. You can get a weekend pass for like 7 bucks that works all day Saturday and Sunday but again, it doesn’t work on the CTA so once you got downtown you’d have to get CTA farecards too. Or you could probably talk Mindy into driving you downtown. I will be busy most of the day Saturday volunteering for that beerfest but I will try to maintain enough so that I can make a meetup later on. You have my phone number right? Let me know what your plans are.

  • PLANS are being MADE

  • Barring something crazy happening, I should be able to be there. What are the plans? the FB thread is all sprawling, and it’s hard to tell what was suggested when.

  • So far it’s sounding like Skylark on Saturday night (uncertain of the time—Mary and I will be around all day and down to hang with whomever whenever), though a couple people are saying Skylark doesn’t really work for them.

  • Y’all have probably already seen this on facebook, but I will (regrettably) not be making it tonight. My car is pretty busted, and I’m kind of taking that as a sign that I need to stay home and do the three assignments that I have due in the next couple of days. So sorry that I’ll miss you all, but I hope you have a blast!

  • This is a bummer, but makes sense. Meanwhile, we are currently waiting in line for our train.

  • I haven’t been on the board much lately so I just wanted to say how much fun this was and how great it was seeing everyone!