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Breaking Bad Retrospective Organization Thread
  • Alright, let’s get this going.

    I mentioned in the other thread that the sort of format I would be most excited about is a sort of natural conversation, let it go where it goes, have an arbitrary length limit and post the results. 4 or maybe 5 people at a time (more for the big episodes?) so no one would feel under the gun to produce every week or anything. Does anyone have an idea for a format that would be more interesting / more fun to do?

    I reviewed the old BB thread on LPTJ and I am going to straight up call some mothers out:

    Obviously this is not to exclude others, and any of you dudes who don’t want to contribute no pressure (but seriously, contribute it will be fun) — this is just a scan of the most prolific commenters on the old thread. Plus, easy gig. You guys watch it, come in and talk for a little while and be entertaining, and I’ll make a blog post out of it with a pretty picture and an intro paragraph.

    Want to torrent the first episode this weekend, and then come in and talk about it next week while you should be preparing invoices?

  • I’m definitely in. I think that scheme is perfect. 4-5 people per episode, in different combinations. I think we’re well-positioned for something conversational but substantive, and gettin’ into some real criticism without getting tl;dr.

    I would really, really like to get at least one or two first-time viewers involved, if anyone’s game.

  • But then we can’t talk as much about how things will play out, right?

    Regardless, I’m down. So down.

    Will we just discuss the episode on the board and Dick will copy/paste that, or in a chat or something?

  • Board would move slower than chat, but allow for more composition in your responses. I think board is probably the best bet, give a couple of days to let the thread run.

    Regarding first-time viewers, I agree that would be really awesome, but it would take something out of it to have everyone else holding back spoilers. Would be cool to just stick a person in a black box, get their reaction and then comment on that. Does anyone know any non-watchers who might be interested?

  • If we do it on the board, how do we prevent other people from joining in? Or do we not?

    Also, are we only doing one episode a week or two?

  • I bet we don’t need to stop people from commenting on the board at large. The whole having a “gimp” of sorts in a black box commending in their vacuum and us commenting on that is brilliant in its own way.

  • This looks really cool, but I can’t see myself having the time or energy to contribute substantively, especially as I usually have little more to say on TV than “wow, that was great” or “meh”. I’m surprised I even posted in the BB thread, I don’t really remember doing so! I might try to chip in when I have some time off or something though, if that’s cool.

  • i am in

  • In

    also would like to hear more about the gimp

  • I think one a week unless you guys are feeling real frisky — although does that track with the timeline of airing the last episodes?

    Set your torrents for this weekend!

  • There’s no exact date set for the final 8 episodes yet, but one a week is probably about right. Once a date is announced we could double-up as-needed to make the timing correct.

    Edit: Though maybe it would make more sense to do two a week for the first season, since the later seasons have more meaty stuff.

  • I think that makes a lot of sense. When do we start? I have free time this weekend.

  • I’m up for it, probably get a chance to watch this weekend. Been wanting to go back to the first season to see if I like it anymore than when I first saw it.

  • I’ll also say that, while having a new viewer or two might be annoying re: spoilers, it could also be a good bulwark against the temptation to discuss the series as a whole ad infinitum, helping us to stay focused on what’s going on in the episode at hand. We should really force some gimp into this

  • Blucas said:

    Edit: Though maybe it would make more sense to do two a week for the first season, since the later seasons have more meaty stuff.

    First season is short, isn’t it?

    My own edit: I’m tentatively in, insofar as I’m willing to pipe in on the general conversation and may be able to actually sit down and do a rewatch for more substantive commentary.

  • My longtime flatmate Emma has never watched Breaking Bad. I’ve been trying to get her into it but she says it’s too depressing. So I’m thinking of making her watch it with you guys.

  • Doooooo it!

  • my one true love has finally started watching breaking bad a couple of weeks ago on my recommendation. i was gonna tell her about this thread, buy i can’t now because she’ll see that i just called her my one true love.

  • The AV Club’s reviews of Firefly do the experienced reviewer and a n00b thing pretty well: http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/tvshow/firefly,356/

  • So in my download of the first episode, the birthday handjob is cut out! WTF? The scene at the end of the episode is totally meaningless without the BDHJ to set it up.

  • What’s our deadline on this?

  • Watch the show by Wednesday.


    I will start the thread Weds. Then you will talk.

  • Perfect.

  • Are we going to try to limit it to 4-5 people, or make it a free-for-all? Depending on the pace of conversation I may not participate much in this first one; I’ma be in Atlanta caring for my mom for a couple days.

  • I’d like to keep it limited, honestly. Otherwise I don’t know how coherent it will be.

  • @adam, @pollo, @Jeb, @RoyBiggins, @heartbreak are the first episode’s panel unless one of you doesn’t want to do it or has scheduling conflicts. Everyone who wants to do a future episode just pipe up. There are plenty.

  • i can’t do this week, sorry! appoint another!

  • What time are you planning on starting the thread? I can’t watch the episode until tomorrow, but I could watch it right when I get out of work. Also, how long will the thread be open? We’re seeing Louis CK tomorrow night, but I want to be able to give this conversation my all.

  • Could we push everything back a day? Or is that shitty of me to ask?

  • I’m in regardless, and have good flexibility.

  • Ah fuck it, watching it now. Hopefully I’ll have time to comment tomorrow.

    We should keep this really conversational too. I’d like to see a good flow.

  • We’ll keep it open for a few days. Long enough to get some good commenting in without dragging it out. Since adam’s out it will be you 4 this week unless someone pipes up. Jammer, you want in on this dogg?

  • I hope the format I went with there works for everyone.

  • Huh, the birthday HJ was gone in the version I watched, too (Netflix). I wonder what’s up with that? The final scene makes less sense without it.

  • Ah, ten minutes is gone from the Netflix version. Apparently AMC aired a shortened version in repeats. The scene where we learn that Walt never smoked is gone, the scene where he washes the asshole student’s car is gone, and the broken glove compartment scene is gone.

  • Yeah, I noticed that. Fuckin’ weird. You’d think the DVD release would have the longer version, though maybe what Netflix has isn’t the same as the DVD release.

  • I first watched it on DVD, and it had all of those scenes. The version I downloaded was missing all the same parts. I thought I remembered more that was missing though obviously the HJ was most noticeable in its absence.

  • I’ve never seen this before, but obviously I’ve heard you all talking about it. Anyway, last night I found the first episode on the net and thought it was pretty good stuff. Tonight, I just watched the second episode. I know you’re all going to get around to that, so I won’t go into it, but suffice to say that last 5 or 10 minutes was just about the funniest thing I’ve seen this year.

  • Man, that scene where Walt washes the high school asshole’s car was, to me, kind of important! I mean, I know it’s not really expositionally important, but for me it really solidified how shitty his life is. At that point and the point where Skyler gives him shit for using the credit card that ‘[they] don’t use’ made ME want to sell drugs.

  • Biggins I think you’re supposed to write a thing for this

    And Pollo too

  • Is there a separate thread? And do we post ‘em today? ‘cause I did rewatch.

  • So what’s happening with this? Bluke, can you step up if Pollo’s not able?

  • I could write something up tomorrow, sure, if pollo’s out for this round. I do also think we should soldier on to the next episode, too, though. We’ll get the timing and tone down as we go along.

  • Hey,so what the fuck is going on with this?

  • Posted a thing. Let’s move on to episode 2, though we can keep the discussion of episode 1 going (this is just me, but I’d like more back-and-forth if possible). I’m down for the episode 2 panel, who else?

  • When should we have pieces for round two up? If I have even a little time I’ll crank one out.

  • Definitely down. I’d like more back-and-forth too, but this first one is already a bit long. And needs to be posted as a blog post, right?

  • I’m trying to figure out how best to get this up on the blog, and how that would look best — I’ve tried consoldating everything to one post but you motherfuckers are too wordy so it won’t let me post the result.

    Some more back and forth would be cool I think.

  • It really should be one post, I think. That stinks that you can’t do it that way.

  • I agree. A cursory Google search shows it is doable without too much effort. I have messaged our eldritch webmancer.

    Edit: http://thenewmiddle.net/index.php?p=/categories/blog

    That’s what it looks like with the number of contributors I can fit into the current character limit. Comments, suggestions? I still kind of suck at markdown. Also I think we’re going to make a blog maintenance account so all posts can be managed but without the AUTHORED BY DICK implication.

    Though they will still bear the DICK IMPRIMATUR OF FELICITOUS ESTEEM