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Let’s talk about movies.
  • Alternately, let’s get me a date with Anna Kendrick. Anybody got a string to pull that would help with that? I just heard an interview with her that made me crush a lot. Plus, I also re-watched Rocket Science, which I like very much.

    I also watched that Scott Pilgrim movie, which I didn’t realize she was in. That was a great adaptation!

  • I watched Dinner for Schmucks last night, which I thought would be real sucks but actually I laughed til crying once or twice. What with that and I love you, Man on Sunday this has been a very Ruddy week.

    Now I have Bambi, which I was inspired to watch again by Hannah’s pictures on FB.

  • Dinner for Schmucks is a famous comedy 2010 movie. Which I always like to enjoy in my sad mod for bring smile on my face.