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  • Why am I awake? Who can say.

  • drank a redbull. also there are science shows to watch.

  • If I drank a redbull, I’d be up for like the next ten days.

  • Caused my sister to have a complete meltdown directed at me, which, I’m still not sure what I did to make that happen, but it required a two-hour conversation with my brother, who should really be charging for this shit. He’s very, very good, but I’m still awake.

  • I don’t really know why I’m still awake, but anyway, I ran out of my vices—Diet Coke and American Spirits, yes, I know those are bad and also won’t help in any efforts I might make to go to sleep but I will be a tiny bit happier in the morning when I decide to wake up (getting paid out for your vacation days after you quit your job rules, until they run out anyway)—so I went to the corner store where you have to walk up to the little window because it’s after hours and when the night shift guy turned the window around to give me my soda pop and cigarettes there was also a little note that said: “[Phone number] Let’s have coffee. [Name].” I didn’t know people did that in real life.

  • night shift guy asking insomnia girl out to coffee is pretty cute though

  • That is true.

    Also, I have taken to doing that sort of thing IRL, and it’s been really great. Even though it’s only gotten me one actual date [well, a series of dates, but a brief one], but those dates were totally awesome.

  • how was that one date you mentioned over in some other thread? the clothes thread?

  • stiiiiiiilll awaaaaake



    i am up doing homework. it is okay. i’m not panicking yet.

  • this isn’t actually insomnia, this is just procrastination. I love sleep but for some reason most nights I put it off like it’s homework. I could have fallen asleep hours ago most likely but I just haven’t even tried.

  • i can’t sleep because I just saw macklemore & ryan lewis on the Heist tour. to resolve this, I think I will stop by the hotsy-totsy bar on the way home.

  • Also not insomnia (it’s 8:50pm) but I keep waking up from the most hideous dreams, and then, anxiously unable to get back to sleep, partly from fear of returning to the dream, and partly through frustration at not being able to get back to sleep to fix the problem.

    Last night’s scare was that both boys got hit by a freak wave (along with hundreds of other kids) while they were playing on a quiet beach, and there was no way I could get to them before it hit, or find them afterwards. It’s horrifying just thinking about it.

  • My brain is back in STAY UP FOREVER AND MAKE ART mode which does not reconcile in the least with caring for a baby. Haven’t slept before 2 for a week.

  • I keep having really crazy dreams too. Every night. It makes me want to sleep forever, but also not.

    Last night involved attending a girly sleepover in a cafe the parents of one of the girls owned, and overhearing that the mother had found a pair of my soiled and torn underwear in my backpack from the last time I stayed there. She washed it, but thought it was gross. I wanted to be like, just throw it out! But I slinked away instead.

    The night before I dreamt my father hadn’t died, but had gone away on a 3 day camping trip in the woods and just didn’t return until 7 years later. He came back to the house and started living there like nothing had changed, chilling out in front of the tv in a sweat shirt eating ice cream. We were all very angry and confused and afraid to make him talk about it.

    Right now I am awake and trying to read things that sort of pertain to schoolwork but not so much that it makes me nervous. But instead I am actually just posting on TNM and eating chips.

  • Sometimes when I’m dreaming my brain will dream of these really pathetic/horrific scenarios where my nephew is not dead anymore, but he’s not really alive either. I dream of him as he was (he’s been dead for 4 years now, Christ) but he doesn’t talk or move, just sits there breathing shallowly.

    When I wake up I’m not even really that sad about it anymore, it’s more like I feel kind of a detached pity for my brain for going to those lengths, when even my dream-brain understands that he’s dead.

    I don’t even know why I’m posting this, but I’ll go ahead since, therapy or whatever.

  • Damn, Dick. I don’t really know what to say. feel for you man, that’s sad.

  • Shit. That’s pretty intense.

  • I know why I am awake. It’s because a pounding headache woke me up (which, okay, a little weird). No painkillers handy. Also, not at all tired after a couple some hours of sleep. Storm has passed; time to walk some dogs and maybe a hot shower I guess.

  • I signed up for OkCupid at the behest of some friends last night when I was visiting Washington, DC after playing Monopoly Flip for about two hours.

    I’m looking at it now, which is preventing me from sleeping.

    This is a weird site that makes me feel weird.

  • OkCupid was really useful for late night random sex for me, but lead to two really disastrous brief relationships.

    I may not have technical insomnia, but I’m working nights these days. Finished up an hour ago, still wide awake, and I don’t have the option for sleeping past 7 for family reasons. This is really regular. I have learned to sleep in 1-2 hour chunks occasionally. It’s really taking a toll.

  • I know that game. I’ve cut down on my bartending because of getting off at 3am and then not sleeping until 5am and then having to wake up at 8am. It made me a horrid person to be around.

  • Can we have a convo about night shift? I recently moved to nights and I’m still having a tough time of it… and I don’t even have much by way of obligations (family or otherwise)! Any tips and tricks?

    Recently, I placed black foamcore in the outlines of all my bedroom windows. This has definitely helped me sleep later into the mornings… but it’s also super depressing and makes me look kind of crazy. Any other tips?

  • Just own it and start stockpiling old newspapers and bicycle tires on the porch/in the hallways

  • Pretty much way ahead of you here, pollo.

  • I’ve worked night shift for about five years now, and I’m more or less able to sleep in any lighting conditions with any amount of noise, and on any surface for that matter (occasionally I’ll sneak into a bus for a catnap).

    You get used to it. Do you go to sleep as soon as you get home? What are your hours? The worst part for me is finding time to eat. I generally eat dinner around 5 PM, and sometimes if I’m not too tired I’ll eat breakfast when I come home, but if I don’t think ahead and make food for myself I pretty much starve all night.

  • My schedule is fixed now, but it’s still a little bit goofy. I’m on a 2-week repeating schedule that looks roughly like this: Mon 3p-3a Tues 3p-3a Sat 7p-7a Sun 7p-7a Mon 7p-7a Wed 7p-7a

    It’s kind of a nice schedule, right? But I’m having a hard time navigating the days off. I mean, do I try to stay on the nights routine? Usually I try not to because I’d like to do stuff during the day. But it’s been pretty hard… the first day after night shift I’m totally zonked.

    I usually try to get to bed pretty quick, but I’ll try to have something to eat. I’m actually pretty good about planning meals ahead and having something to heat up or at least something that won’t be too difficult to make.

    I don’t know, heartbreak, do you stay on your night shift schedule on your days off or do you try to switch over?

  • I generally switch to a diurnal schedule on weekends, though some night I’m just not tired, or feel like I haven’t played enough video games, or whatev. But then again, my weekends come reliably in a three day block, where as yours are pretty scattered. I’d probably just stay up at night in between that Monday and Wednesday. Sometimes I take a short nap during the day before my first day back.

    Do you get a four day weekend between the last Wednesday and first Monday? Pretty sweet!

  • I do get a four-day weekend! Pretty nuts.

    I’m thinking part of my problem is this: I have these long shifts where the day pretty much belongs to my work followed by these long stretches of no work. So… I’m hoping to fill up some of those long stretches of no work. I think that might help.

    Maybe I should get heavy into traveling or something.

  • I worked the night shift for several years, and it was definitely to the detriment of my mental health

  • Yeah, from my experience working with clients working third shift (and also reading the relevant research), it can mess with you in a lot of different ways, including detrimental effects on mental and physical health, and few of the things we normally do to work on sleep in therapy can be adapted for variable schedules like that, so it’s hard to work with. Might help to realize you are asking your body to do things it isn’t adapted to do and just expect that you might be more depressed etc as well as tired and be as nice as possible to yourself accordingly.

  • hey guys I can’t sleep

  • For the past couple of months I’ve been waking up somewhere from 6 to 7am, which would be convenient for work if I went to sleep before 1am or later. Even on the weekends though, it only allows me six or so hours of sleep at a time. It was worse this morning because my brain switched on immediately by being pissed off about this sexual predator guy in other thread. (I’m trying to put it out of my mind and ease up, mostly successfully, but I’m still going to confront him on it, and ended up thinking out things to say—mostly helpfully.) The insomnia hasn’t usually been because of stress though, cos I’ve been feeling pretty good the past while.

  • Holy fuck why is it 4:30

  • I’ve been waking up at five the last few days. It’s weird. I might take an 8 AM nap.

  • i dont have insomnia it is just so so cold and my apartment is roughly the same temperature it is outside even with a space heater. I need more blankets and layers and a trash can full of fire. I want to cover my body with those stick on hot packs for sore muscles.

  • peacocks: I just came to my mom’s house and she keeps the house at 16 C. Is your shampoo cold too?

    Also hot baths can help get the chill outta your bones. just stay there until the weather warms up. My mom’s tip for cold shampoo is to warm it up in hot water first (what).

  • hahaha wow that is cold! my room temp was about 14 C for most of the night which would be really horrible to me if that lasted once the sun came up. I would never want to be naked and that is most of the fun of living alone. I don’t know about cold shampoo- I usually shower later in the day because I’m a dirty bird and I also slept til 2 pm yesterday because my body made a determination that it would not wake up until it was at least 70 F outside. I don’t have a bathtub so I can’t take hot baths! Isn’t that cruel?

  • A few winters ago I lived in a big drafty house with some roommates and we were all pretty broke and we were trying to put off turning on the heat to avoid huge gas bills. One day I came home from work and it was like 20F (-7C) outside and I got in the house and was like, “Oh, yeah, it still feels alright in here, we can probably avoid heat for another day” and then I looked at the thermostat and it was 38F (3C) inside the house and then I was like, “Oh, well, okay, I guess we’d better turn it on so we don’t die.” Even then, we could only afford to keep it at like 58 or 60F.

  • sometimes i talk about living in places like chicago or seattle and such and i’m sure I’d get used to it but right now I am the biggest temperature pansy. I really would much rather sweat.

  • I’m a big hairy dude who breaks a sweat sitting still if the temperature is higher than 85, so I guess I’m built for winter, but I don’t particularly care for it. I like having excuses to leap into bodies of water.

  • I’ll take cold any day. You can always add a layer, but when you’re stark naked and still feel like you’re dying of heatstroke, there is no relief. Being sticky and damp sends me into a red mist, and I am the angriest person in the world during the summer for this reason.

  • I am a person who wears a cardigan year round in central Florida.

  • It’s not just you though, Florida cold is definitely different from MA cold. Here, when it gets colder it also dries out, whereas I never got used to the damp 55-60 degree thing that happens down there. Feels a lot more chilling that the temp would indicate.

  • That’s what errbody says

  • I would just like to thank you all for using celsius upthread.

    It’s suspiciously warm here. I was just in a hoodie today, bicycling around.

  • it was so hot on Christmas here, 31 degrees! that doesn’t sound like a lot but convert it to fahrenheit and it’s probably like a million!

  • 31 doesn’t sound bad to me (about 87 in F)—it was 38 in Melbourne a few days ago. The heat here is interesting because it’s so dry. The desert dips down for a day or two, but then we get a wind off the southern ocean and it’s cold again (such as yesterday).

  • Yeah, last couple of years, Christmas has been weirdly cold. I was in 2 layers yesterday, and I’m cold again today. At least it hasn’t been too hot to sleep!

  • oh, it wasn’t bad at all, it was great! i lay in the sun all day and went swimming at the beach with my family

  • I should’ve gone to the beach that day, rather than The Hobbit with Mother. My friends went to Lyall Bay around 4am on Boxing Day but I thought the walk/skate/bike would kill me, and then it’s been raining/cloudy ever since. Blast.