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The school thread
  • Though I’m not at school at the moment.

    I wish it weren’t a bad time economically everywhere, because I want to teach feminist theory and such to high schoolers. Is there anywhere in the world where I could do this? I’m assuming not. Even gender studies at uni is getting cut everywhere. But could one theoretically slip it in for a subject like social studies?

    This came about cos I was debating feminism on the internet and I made a point and someone said “That’s actually a pretty coherent argument” and I was like YUSSS. Feels good when that happens.

  • I think you would have to somehow sneak it into your maths curriculum

  • Ha! Well when I was in high school we did a practice maths exam and I did bullshit answers, as was often my wont for those things, and rambled on about feminism in one answer and she ticked it. So I guess so.