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thread for mild annoyance
  • I think they may have taken away our internet access at work.

    I am writing this from the toilet.

  • Stinky internet!

  • Stinkernet!

    I got there.

  • They have officially taken away our internet access, continuing a long line of decisions proving that upper management feels that we are all a bunch of children who cannot be trusted. I hate this place.

  • he said, while posting to a message board from the toilet.

  • hey now, wait a minute

  • The internet came back, though the supervisory group was told that they are not allowed to use it. The training department was told no such thing, so … ? I dunno. I still can only post to TNM from the toilet though.

  • I think we need a special thread for “Jeb’s Toilet Messages”.

  • all the workers are going to the toilet and they’re not coming out until their demands are met

  • watch out the bosses will take away the toilet next

  • Pants wrote

    watch out the bosses will take away the toilet next

    It’s really funny that you say that

    because whenever there is graffiti in one of the stalls

    they just close that stall off for several weeks until the graffiti can be painted over

    one morning all three stalls were closed

    what the fuck

  • Hoshi wrote

    Read this and avoid yourself the rage

    I only made it through the first page, but it seemed pretty standard stupid internet forum stuff? Does it get worse?

  • You know - header size decreases for every # you add to the beginning of a line.

  • Whaddya know!

  • The bodybuilding forum thread reminds me: someone on twitter the other day responded to some joke I made about Romney’s “they think they’re entitled to food” comment by talking about welfare queens abusing food stamps. I was like “ha ha ha what the hell” and responded with a wee absurdist thing and he got really huffy that I was JOKING when there was WELFARE ABUSE happening


  • it’s all cristal and cocaine with those food stamps these days

  • Goddamn guest dog just ate the whole goddamn cheese plate Mindy was putting together for my bbq

  • husband got haircut/beard trim today. smooched a little, now i have bumpy skin. grumble.

  • How am I so tired when I don’t really do anything?

  • because baby!

  • she’s weezin all the juice!

  • don’t weez the juice

  • What is ‘weezin’? I think it sounds nice. I would like to weez an Irish coffee.

    Also, very annoyed at a bunch of scare-quotes feminists on frackbork calling women who are saddened by infertility ‘mombies’ and ‘packs of hyenas’.

  • Also, very annoyed at a bunch of scare-quotes feminists on frackbork calling women who are saddened by infertility ‘mombies’ and ‘packs of hyenas’.

    This kind of thing irritates and baffles me, too. Sorry to oversimplify, but wouldn’t it be easier if the whole gist of the feminism thing (in practice anyway) was that we all get to do our own thing and live our own values to the extent that that doesn’t impinge on other women’s abilities to do the same? That would be nice.

    Edit: I mean, obvs there’s more to it than that, but in this context, I think it would suffice.

  • Yes, something where the bottom line for everything was consent would be nice.

  • Gah this damn child poverty issue. Recently a prominent newscaster started a charity to get kids at low decile schools some lunch, which is good. However, the entire show I just watched was about what people are doing for fundraising. No mention of who the affected communities are, no community representatives interviewed about how they feel about the charity and the economy. Dammit, businesspeople, I don’t give a care about shots of you saying isn’t this all so sad. Must be really hard for you, having to hear about starving children. You are the real victims/heroes here.
    (Rage also multiplied cos I need to eat/sleep. Silly body, requiring nourishment.)

  • <3 all the weezing in this thread.

  • Furiously cosigning Em’s comment! That is what I am all about.

  • Someone bought the house next door in order to flip it, and today some dudes cut down every single tree in the yard. Including the trees and bushes that pretty much made up a privacy fence for our front yard. It looks SO BAD. Some of the trees they cut might have been on our side. Ugh.

  • :( :( :( I really hate when people do that! I am angry for you!

    I wore these cheap-o fake metal earrings for too long and now my left ear is all black, gross looking and hurt-y where the earring was. Now I have my OG tiny gold earrings in from getting them pierced but damn, why only my left ear? Why any ear?

  • Ugh, tree-maiming is some bullshit. So is ear-aching.

  • Why any ear?

    Probably because of the nickel. No good. I myself am so allergic that I got sick of trying to wear earrings that claimed to be nickel-free and that turning out to be a LIE, so I went to my piercer and he put in two sets of stainless steel captive bead rings with fancy oblong semiprecious stones (actually no, lapis on the bottom but gold seed beads on the top) as beads. They’re pretty, and I never change them.

    Edit: Uh, also, changing them would require pliers of some sort I believe, so that is pretty good incentive not to try.

  • Speaking of toilets, the way ours has smelt the last four or five days, I would not want to surf the internet from there. We just had a plumber over, but he couldn’t detect the exact source of the problem, though he confirmed that there is indeed a problem; most likely, apparently, a leak in the sewage drain just outside of our house (as the drains that were within view showed no obvious signs of damage). Next step: get a company that’s specialised in sewer stuff to inspect the situation with a special camera. Hope our landlord agrees to pay for it.

    He did show us a rat’s skull that he had found among the drains, though, so that was kind of…cool.

  • are you gonna keep the skull?

  • I think he actually put it back? I am not sure what happened to it.

  • People with umbrellas, please learn to actually pay attention to your surroundings.

    Militant ignorance is dope.

  • Jim the background for your twitter is SO aerosmith. Makes me want a beer real bad.

  • hahaha, I guess I had already favorited that?

  • @peacocks

    SO aerosmith

    Is that good? It doesn’t sound good.

  • it’s good. it’s what my phone autocorrects to when I type awesome.

  • Hey Chicago people! These are dispatches from a hotel room in Northbrook, IL, which is where American Airlines left me after they utterly failed to get me to where I was supposed to be going. There is no available food, nor will there be in the morning, and I am mad hungry. On the plus side, they claim they will still be getting me to my intended destination quite early. On the minus side, that means I will be pretty much doing a daylong job interview on less than four hours of sleep. Don’t worry though: as you can see, I made sure to do the responsible thing and complain about it on the internet before I went to sleep (no really, I had other quick internet things to take care of so I’m stopping by to vent a little).

    All I can say that is that if the guy who picks me up from the airport when I finally get where I’m going does not intuitively grasp my intense need for more coffee than however much coffee I’ve already had, this whole shebang is a nonstarter.


  • That sucks, Em. Good luck for the continuation of the journey!

  • stainless steel

    i am allergic to everything! my nape surface piercing is ASTM tested titanium, though, so i never had a problem

  • oh hey Em, didn’t see this until now and Northbrook isn’t exactly convenient to me anyway but I hope the hotel room was nice? If you fly through Midway next time instead of (I’m assuming) O’Hare and get stuck on the far south/southwest side instead of the north suburbs, maybe I can be of assistance in the food and/or hanging out department :)

  • Kids around here like to play by screaming. It’s unsettling.