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movie thread for movies and not TV
  • I watched Godard’s Made in U.S.A. last night. I have now seen that one, Alphaville, and Sympathy for the Devil—admittedly probably not the best trio of films to start with, but still Godard is incomprehensible. Good looking film, though.

  • even as someone who probably considers Godard the greatest living filmmaker, I’d agree that Made in USA and Sympathy are fairly mediocre (though each possessed of its moments, definitely). I love Alphaville, though—the defamiliarized city, the genre-riffing, Anna Karina…what’s not to love? (okay, maybe the gender politics. but that’s most of pre-70s Godard really).

  • What’s another good one? The library has Aria, Band of Outsiders, Breathless (hey, I hear that’s a good one!), La chinoise, Une femme mariée, Le gai savoir, Masculin féminin, Paris vu par, Vivre sa vie, Week End, and A woman is a woman.

    To be fair, I saw Alphaville a long time ago and probably shouldn’t trust my early impressions either. I pretty much just remember the swimming pool scene. I may have fallen asleep.

    I did appreciate Anna Karina in Made in the U.S.A. and also the bar scene with the proletarian working class dude drinking wine and smoking (though I wished Marianne Faithful would have stopped interrupting things by singing “As Tears Go By”).

  • oh man I finally got around to finishing We Are The Best and the scene where they played a show at a rec hall in Västerås was The Best.