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  • … is it because he’s really into sandwiches?

  • If we do ever leave this site forever, it should be with a page break like that.

  • I don’t know much about Lil B but I feel that from what I do know about him, dude probably gets on some sandwiches from time to time.

  • I was looking through some files and found a picture about 4 years old of davy and his lady holding Finn, wherein davy is holding a dreidel in his other hand that I had apparently photoshopped to have lasers shooting out of it. I’m assuming I did the photoshop ‘cause I have the PSD file in the same directory.

    I don’t remember the context and don’t remember if I even ever posted it but I assume so because it is in the image gallery in my website as well. Drunkenly photoshops laser dreidels: I’m putting that in my LinkedIn profile.

  • That is pretty awesome, especially with the expression on Davy’s face!

  • He’s taking being lasered through the heart pretty well.

  • This reminds me of my brief holiday marketing idea: the Drakel, a dreidel with the full/or complete lack of endorsement by Drake, that maybe plays drake songs when it spins, or its sides have drake lyrics.

  • In more vicarious name dropping - some people might remember me talking about this kid who went my high school (a year after I graduated though) who somehow became semi-famous as a comedian and did a movie with Donald Glover and some other guy … . anyway there’s this kid that went to my high school, and I knew him just barely but Jordan Peele sent out a tweet saying that his movie proposal (proof of concept) video looked cool https://twitter.com/JordanPeele/status/570647239070126082

    that’s my small world internet story for the day (and fwiw I think that most of this guys creative writing is based on high school kids discovering some alternate world, so not my fave but I’m still gonna vicariously name drop like an ass)

  • That Mystery Team movie is sitting in a Netflix envelope on my coffee table at home right now, waiting for Mindy and I to watch it tonight. So that’s why I put it on my queue :)

  • Idk what in the hell is up with Dunedin landlords, but our one is offering to move us to a different house for two months while he renovates this one, and pay for our rent in the new place. There’ll be two bathrooms when we get back, which is good given there are seven of us in the house. living the yacht communist dream

  • Ha! I’m late to the party, Jim, but yeah you totally posted that back in the day, to everyone’s utter delight. If memory serves, the lasers are benevolent.

  • After more than five years of having longish/long hair - and about three years of thinking “maybe this summer I’ll go back to short hair, it’s so much more comfortable” and then not doing it because I worried that I might regret it and then it would take ages to grow back - I finally went back to a short haircut, roughly the same length that I’ve had for about 10 years before that. I was wondering whether it would feel strange now, but it was really a very sudden sense of relief as soon as the hairdresser cut off the first big batch and I suddenly didn’t have all that weight hanging in my neck anymore! It feels pretty awesome - only there is a weird nagging feeling that I spent the last five years pretending to be someone I’m not, because this is clearly who I am and how I’m meant to be.

  • The other good thing is that, thanks to a few grey patches, I probably don’t look like a teenager now - which was definitely an issue last time I sported this kind of haircut, and a pretty major factor in my decision to let it grow out.

  • I like to let my hair grow as long as I can stand it, and then get it all cut off at once. That weightlessness is a really wonderful feeling!

  • I’m enjoying hearing this. My hair has been long-long for about 7 years now, and I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I shaved it all off in 1997 and then had it shaved for about 3 years, then short, and then growing…I’m starting to feel self conscious and weird about it as I get older though. I’m not sure I want to be that old lady with the long grey plait, but I also don’t know how to have it any other way. I’m lucky though, cos at 45 it’s not grey at all really…I guess I’m glad to know there are other possibilities…

  • Yeah dudes, I tend to go through long hair cycles, then shave it all off. Currently I’m about 2 inches below my shoulders, which is probably the longest it’s ever been. Thinking about Stipe-ing it next summer, as I’m getting sick of a billowing mop on my head and getting hair in my mouth constantly.

  • Ha! That’s exactly why I shaved mine off. I was in Chicago in the spring and having it always in my face drove me insane. Now it’s really long though, it doesn’t usually happen, unless i’m out for a run and I haven’t braided it. Then it gets in my mouth and is annoying.

  • Yeah, cooking/running/biking necessitates me becoming a ponytail man. I respect the men of the NBA that can make do with only a headband holding their hair back.

  • Oh yeah I usually let mine get down to my waist before I cut it to my chin. I have absolutely no hairstyling skill or expertise, so I keep it rolled into a bun-ball almost all the time. It’s been easier for me to have lazy-long hair because I can just pull it back to get it out of my way (and out of car doors, purse straps, armpits, etc) instead of trying to style it in any real way. The thing I get sick of is breaking so many hairties. And how long it takes for my hair to dry.

  • Oh shit. Nick Cave’s son just died down the road from me. Fell off a cliff, nobody knows why. Horrible.

  • Down the road? fark. I was at work, and missed all the news on it. So sad.

  • Yes, it was 15 minutes walk from where I work, just on the seafront here :-(

  • Yeah, I thought of you when I heard about the news, Nick. That has to hurt unimagineably badly.

  • I finally started following GUY FROM MY HIGH SCHOOL who has achieved semi fame as comedian, and it turns out it’s like six degrees of separation on twitter, with random other musicians and comedians. So in the interest of name dropping, here’s one from today involving the Berenstain Bears and El-P


  • So I’ve stopped smoking. I’m 39 years old and had been a habitual smoker since I was around 12. I’m vaping instead. I’m one of those lame dudes walking around with one of those box things with a tube on it. But it’s worth looking like a dork. Pretty pleased all thing considers.

  • I stopped when I was 39, 7 years ago. I just used patches for a while and went cold turkey, but I have friends who have found vaping really helpful.

  • I’ve been struggling with quitting smoking since my eldest was born nearly 18 years ago. I bought some ecigarette gear nearly a year ago and was able to pretty quickly stop smoking. I have had 2 cigarettes in 2015, one of them after midnight at a NYE party and the other one a couple months into the year—-it tasted like shit and I have no desire to try it again.

    So basically I’m all for vaping. But please do not try to talk to me about vaping, brag about your own gear, or for fuck’s sake compare our clouds.

  • 12? Man that’s some serious peer pressure.

  • I’m glad I have the sort of friends where I can text a pregnant pal with whom I often have lunch and say, “What do you say we turn up the heat on your lil nugget and see if we can chase it outta there?” as a means of suggesting that we get together for Thai in the next day or two, and that sort of comment sort of just seamlessly blends into our ongoing conversation.

  • So the archives of the LPTJ forums are no more? I was trying to think of the name of a Louisville thrash band that was vaguely in the same scene as Rodan and the like and was hoping to search my posts to find it. Sad now.

  • Hmm, I think I’ve seen that error message before and it’s started working again at some point down the line. Maybe try again in a couple of weeks?

    I often do the same thing as you, half-remember a post someone made there and then go trawling for it.

  • Oh shit, I hope not. I would be pretty upset if all that stuff was gone. Last time I visited, it was to fact-check some Dingbats lore (my son plays oboe for them these days). That was a couple of months ago, I guess?

  • Just noticed the homepage doesn’t link to the forums any more, so I think it might really be gone.

    If this is the case, I feel a little sadness, but also kind of a monumental shrug.

  • The homepage link disappeared before the actual forums did. You used to be able to get to it by using the url though. I’m a bit sad too.

  • Personally I won’t miss it because I don’t miss who I was back then.

  • I miss it less than I thought I would, but that is a bit sad. No more records of our milk-mining days

  • We could always just start a new milk mining operation.

  • We could, but milk-mining isn’t as quick and efficient anymore as it used to be. Now it takes five days to mine a single drop.

    I don’t particularly mind that some of my rants in the annoyed thread have disappeared, but I did like cnsulting the archives occasionally to check up on discussions of particularly media products - to remind myself of other people’s opinions as well as of my own. And then I would invariably get drawn into a nostalgia-hole for an hour or so. So yeah, I was a bit bummed to see the LPTJ forum archives gone a couple of months ago.

  • When the site was updated several years before we all shuffled off and away, probably my best post ever (about my highschool friend Eric, who fled to Mexico with his invalid mother when convicted of sex crimes) disappeared, so fuckit. Fuck it all. I don’t even care that my invention of the phrase “magical torture dildo” or the word “dildomancer” has been lost. BURN IT ALL DOWN.

  • The phrase ‘Magic Torture Dildo’ will be forever etched in our minds, and in our hearts Jim.

  • Aw man, I just had a blackamnesia/Brad posts about emo on FB—>I comment about J Church—>I start listening to a bunch of J Church and get all maudlin (shall we say..emo?)—> I go to LPTJ to read old posts about them—> I discover it’s all fucking gone.

    Makes me sad, though to be fair, I was already sad. Also I can’t remember which Jess Franco movies I’ve seen and not seen, and that was my only way to confirm. Phooey.

  • “Magical Torture Dildo” Is a fabulous phrase.

  • https://web.archive.org/web/20150901171259/http://lastplanetojakarta.com/forums

    There are lots of missing pages and you can’t search, but it’s something. I’m finding myself fascinated by threads in which I was previously never interested. Like I never read the coffee thread, but I’ve got a sort of anthropological curiosity about it now.

  • Holy shit thank you so much Garius * girlhuggingchicken *

    Pity we can’t look in MHC but you can’t have everything

  • I can’t believe I’m about to go spend two weeks in France, and NOT see edison, who is criss-crossing with me on his own international travels. That’s a bummer—even more of a bummer than the fact that I’m spending the whole time doing archival research, and that I’m still hovering around 20% literate on Duolingo, because I’m pathetic. Also, our sick cat may die in M’s parents’s custody while we’re gone, which is alarming on all sorts of levels. Yikes!

  • What parts of France are you going to? I’m sure you’ll do better than when me, Grace and Mother were in Paris and spent basically the whole time being ill and watching Parks and Rec. I’m sorry about your cat though, sucks that it’s sick any which way.

  • I didn’t know that Creamy had got worse, that’s sad, but her mom seems good with him, from that pic you posted… have fun in France.

  • Thanks! M’s mother is … well, literally batshit crazy (I think that is actually the technical diagnosis in this case). But she loves cats, so she’ll definitely nurture lil’ derpo. Creamy’s mobility has further decreased; before, his back right leg was immobile but he could still walk, now he can really barely walk at all. We’ve agreed all along that if/when daily life is suffering for him, we’d have him put to sleep, but other than being more dependent, he remains in good spirits, measured by appetite for food, cuddling and purring, and absence of sad meeps. But he’s definitely declining. We worry about him all the time.

    And Anne, I’m hoping to have a better time than that, but will basically be doing archival research in Caen the whole time, so not sure how fun that’ll be…

  • Sorry to hear about your cat and your badly edison-synchronised travel schedule, ADF! I hope you make some good finds in the archive, and more importantly, that Creamy will make a surprise recovery or at least not suffer too much.

    Now off to the website of the local animal shelter again to daydream about cats I could adopt - a quite frequent pastime for me these days, and a very respectable replacement for my previous pastime of looking at real estate websites and daydreaming about houses we could buy, mostly so that I could adopt a cat (we have selected the house now, though not yet secured the mortgage - but somehow visiting bank websites and daydreaming about interest rates that would allow me to still buy catfood doesn’t quite do the trick for me).

  • Cat just brought me a rat and woke me up by placing it on me while I slept. Thanks, cat!