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Maybe This Food Thread Will Go To The Top When You Post In It
  • FYI

    Mindy made faffles for dinner yesterday. Somebody inform Heathcote.

  • Awesome! I haven’t had faffles for ages!

  • You all may be shocked to hear this, but I have come to know the love of the Taco Bell breakfast

  • Yes. I am shocked. Taco Hell, we call it.

  • Fire sauce and eggs is a powerful combo

  • True… fire sauce will improve most things.

  • I capped the weekend off with with a big bowl of Bún bò Huế. Pretty much perfect for a chilly day.

    Jim, when you’re done with the sandwiches please move on to soups.

  • I make killer soups too, it is known

  • I had a Taco Bell breakfast before seeing the last hobbit movie, and it was the nerdiest I’ve felt in years

  • Taco Bell Fire sauce: legit good, or just the best of several bad options?

  • What was your verdict on this, Jim?

    I am eating a pizza that I’ve been planning and dreaming about for weeks…mushrooms, ham, asparagus and stilton (with a bit of mozzarella as well) It’s pretty damn good, but a bit soggy.