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Just checking nobody wants to re-home these records…
  • I’m afraid I can’t help, but I am curious why you’ve chosen those from what I am guessing is a large collection ~ are they doubles with your partner?

  • Right. We never had that problem, of course. In fact, I inherited access to an amazing collection of 80s Korean pop albums.

    My collection is digital now though, and I did do the ebay thing. The postage should be paid by the buyer, but you’re right, it’s a lot of effort. I had a year or so of spending 30-40 minutes a night cutting up cardboard boxes, cleaning records and and packing orders. Quite exciting sometimes though, watching the odd Tindersticks 10 inch unexpectedly spark a bidding war. I made about £1000 or so in a year then lost momentum. The rest are boxed up in the garage. A grisly end for a once loved collection.