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Right Here In The Middle - NOW PLAYING
  • Yeah, the later stuff took a while to sink in. I started on First and Last and Always, then slowly started getting into Floodland after writing it off (shoulda hung on to that vinyl copy!) and now I’ve started simultaneously digesting Vision Thing and the early EPs.

    Embrace the cheese factor, my friend!

  • Not sure how I missed this last year, but it’s a cracker from the always intriguing DTB


  • loop So much Loop lately.

  • Anyone else still miss Jason Molina?

  • I recently picked up my guitar again and restrung it and started playing more regularly, and in fact for the first time in my life I bought a capo entirely so I could start learning Jason Molina songs (‘cause the tabs I found for my 2 favorite songs of his both used a capo) so yeah I guess you could say I’m still missing him :)

  • Which two songs? I’m guessing Two Blue Lights and Captain Badass?

  • Good guess! Captain Badass and I’ve Been Riding With a Ghost actually.

  • I’ve been doing this surprisingly fun thing where I updated an Excel file of my entire record collection and pick one record using random.org whenever I don’t know when to listen to - this has resulted in revisiting a lot of records I hadn’t listened to in a long time, with sometimes surprising outcomes: I was so bored by The Delgados’ Great Eastern that I considered selling my copy before realizing it was practically worthless anyway, but right now The Ideal Crash by dEUS is sounding awfully excellent (I don’t know why, but I expected to like the former better by now)

  • nice to see people in this thread!

    This new Kane Ikin album is pretty great

  • Deep Purple

    On a pretty heavy Deep Purple/Rainbow/Dio-era Sabbath kick.

  • Good jams. I was on a bit of a Jansch kick myself a few months ago. Especially L.A. Turnaround, which was one that I never was exposed to for one reason or another.

  • In a bit of a coincidence, although I don’t really know much about him, just after reading this thread my Twitter feed threw up a link to a Quietus article on Bert Jansch. In case it’s of interest:


    As for me, I’m reallyt enjoying the new ambient vibe of Benoit Pioulard’s most recent stuff, especially the last 3 singles/eps.


  • Definitely, good article.

    I noticed that it touches upon fellow Scottish folk musician John (and Beverly) Martyn, who as you probably know is also pretty great.

  • And onward to Fairport, Sandy Denny’s solo LPs, Fotheringay and Incredible String Band!

    I prefer the less jazzy Martyn, personally. Stormbringer is my fave.

  • The ISB is a little more eccentric than most of the others mentioned, so it kind of depends on your tolerance for multi-part song cycles, prog inclinations, and general twee-ness. Early Tyrannosaurus Rex might be a basic unit of comparison. I would start with The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter.

    Job’s tears is also great—three basic parts to the song, and each one is better than the previous.

  • I’m actually reading a Sandy Denny biography currently, and this guy comes up quite a bit early:

    According to Bert Jansch, he was more influential than Dylan to the British folk scene. Pretty good stuff.

  • Good stuff. I’ve listened to a bit of Anne Briggs, but mostly “The Time Has Come”. I should probably listen to more. Sandy Denny’s Fotheringay song “The Pond and the Stream” is about Anne. According to the lyrics she was the trainhopping crusty oogle of her time, or something like that.

    Ever listen to Bridget St John? I love that first record…


  • ab

    Abul Mogard Works

    This is incredible if true. Made by a 70 year-old Serbian retired factory worker with no previous experience in music, and who wanted to recreate the complex textures and drones of his workplace. It’s absolutely beautiful, reminiscent of The Disintegration Loops in places.

  • So the new Pixies track is actually good. Now I’m pointlessly, I’m listening to Indie Cindy again. It’s still the single most disappointing album I’ve ever heard in my life.

  • I tried to approach it as if I had no expectations, as if a new band had recorded it in a vacuum, but I don’t think it’d cut it even if that were the case.

  • alt text

    Picked this up today on a lark. It’s working out well. Good shit.

  • Yeah, still obsessing over this Abul Mogard record. Beautiful sounds.

  • 2016 is getting serious now. A wow release from Demdike Stare’s label


  • some of you might like this one, I think

    CoH- Return to Mechanics

  • I AM interested in that, thanks! Though I didn’t really get the last one (MUSIC VOL), which was very lowercase/quiet indeed.