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Sandwich Tribunal
  • what’s the ST tweeter thingy?

  • Also Mary makes a vegan bahn mi that is maybe my favorite sandwich ever

  • I posted about Banh Mi and almost made myself explode in the process. It was delicious. Jeb, I like the sound of a vegan option.

  • I had a vegan banh mi today, the lemongrass tofu from Nhu Lan up in Brian’s neighborhood. Sorry I couldn’t stick around Brian, busy day.

  • We’ve got 2 banh mi posts & 2 barros jarpa posts but only 1 BBQ sandwich post this month. I honestly thought that would go the other way. Anybody got anything in the pipe for today or tomorrow?

  • Yeah, I have a barbecue thing started that I should be able to finish tonight now that baseball playoffs are over and thus should cease distracting me constantly.

  • Awesome, Josh! btw I bragged on you at darts last night for saying “fuckit” and dropping some coin to have an experience you wanted. hope it was a great time!

  • Oh man, yeah, totally unbelievable. Incredible environment, and although I was pulling for the Royals, it was still a great game to cap a great set of playoffs. I can’t even imagine what would have happened in that stadium if they’d won.

  • I should have taken a picture of the footlong sausage I ate to use in a post. I got a little crazy loading it up with jalapenos and onions, and I’m about to play game four in a series with that sandwich that may well go seven.

  • I added some security software to the Sandwich Tribunal site along with an SSL certificate for us to log on securely. Then I ended up getting temporarily locked out because of the security software. If that ends up happening to anyone else, please let me know so I can fix it! I’m trying to cut down on some comment spam and referrer spam and other questionable traffic I’ve been seeing.

  • Ah good! What are this month’s sandwiches? Have I missed that post?

  • That Chilean journalist contacted me again haha. Full page article this time if I can get him a photo of me eating a Barros Luco

  • Haha, that’s fantastic.

  • Next step: Chilean tour to eat all the sandwiches

  • DAMN that’s amazing


  • Excellent, yogringomonkey!

  • and Justin, I’d be in on that…

  • I think that kinda fizzled, I sent him the pics a week ago and haven’t heard back, oh well. Here’s one of them:

  • btw anybody got any posts coming up?

  • Sorry, I’m useless this month. Aliens stole my brain.

  • FYI I’ve tweaked the naming convention a bit, instead of prefixing the List posts with the words The List, I’ve made the category visible on each post, which I think looks nicer. I edited existing post titles to reflect the change. Hope nobody minds too much—I didn’t change the permalinks, just the post titles.

  • Sometimes I get really mad when Sandwich Tribunal posts show up in my facebook feed because I don’t have access to the sandwiches and I am a hungry person.

  • and they’re all so meaty!

  • True. The meatiness of them can be a bit daunting..tho I did post briefly about Erik’s CLT that he wanted when I made BLTs the other day (cheese)…

  • Many of us in the Tribunal are also very meaty.

    Not Clare, she’s kind of tiny, but some of the rest of us.

  • I just don’t know where to find that level of meaty sandwich locally so it makes me extra jelly/drooly

  • hey @nickinko we have a sandwich on The List this month that requires a British perspective, I don’t suppose you’d care to write about British Rail sandwiches for us? Pretend you’re reporting on snooker, it’ll be great :)

  • Haha. The problem with that is I don’t use trains. You need a 6 figure annual income to afford rail travel in England. Unless someone can post me a sandwich?

  • As I understand it, the British Rail sandwich reference is about 20 years dated anyway. Maybe we can hop on a Google chat sometime and I can interview you about your complete lack of experience with the British Rail sandwich, with supplementary questions about British sandwiches and cuisine in general?

  • I’ll be delighted to help in any way I can, Jim, but I should declare that I am a vegetarian of 25 years standing who lives far from a Network Rail station.

  • I don’t suppose we have any Dutch correspondents who will report on the McKroket for us? Broodje Kroket is on the List this month and I’d be curious to hear about the McDonalds version. Or just Broodje Krokets in general.

    Also, Nick, sorry I did not harass you further as it might have been funny and/or you might have been able to tell me what the hell cress is http://www.sandwichtribunal.com/2015/01/the-british-rail-sandwich/

  • I wish I could help, but I find the texture of kroket deeply unsettling!

  • That’s too bad. What about the texture is it that bugs you? Do you have any stories? Just looking for a little local flavor :)

    I cooked a beef ragout last night that I’m going to make into croquettes and I think I have an idea how to approach my post on them but every little bit helps.

  • I don’t think I have much to contribute in the way of stories, either - I’m just a really picky eater overall (for instance, if you had appealed for my help as an almost-German on the butterbrot, I could have said the exact same thing: I love butter as a cooking ingredient and on hot toast, but can’t stand it if it’s not melted), and I’ve only very recently and very reluctantly started eating minced meat (though I’m inconsistent there, in that I do like certain kinds of sausage). But my more specific objection is that, despite the external crispiness, the texture is gooey in a way that I find quite offputting.

    I’m also much more familiar with kroketten as an accompaniment to fries, and even more familiar with its smaller and rounder cousin, the bitterbal, as part of a so-called ‘borrelgarnituur’ (snacks that are served with drinks; popularly served in the pub, but also at work-related receptions); I don’t think I’ve really seen them much as part of a sandwich, though I don’t doubt that they are also served that way.

    If I’m feeling particularly adventurous at some point this month, perhaps I will try to suppress my distaste, buy a kroket at my favourite fries-place (which is also famed for its homemade kroketten), and then throw it on a bun with some mustard at home. But I’m not usually an adventurous person, and February is a short month, so no promises!

  • JimTheBeerGuy said: Also, Nick, sorry I did not harass you further as it might have been funny and/or you might have been able to tell me what the hell cress is http://www.sandwichtribunal.com/2015/01/the-british-rail-sandwich/

    No worries, Jimbo. That’s a really funny entry though. Nice one.

    Cress is cool in egg sandwiches, I think.

    As a sidenote, my (self-made) sandwiches today were half Leerdammer cheese and beetroot relish, and half vegetarian (quorn) chicken with generously nose-burning quantites of English mustard, all on a nice and seedy wholemeal bread.

  • nickinko said: generously nose-burning quantites of English mustard

    I’m all about this too

  • How’m I doing, alex?

  • It looks a bit too tasty to be authentic!

    Maybe if you put it in a vending machine for 10 hours and then eat it?

    I probably should have mentioned this first time around, but fast food shops selling deep-fried stuff out of vending machines are surprisingly and disturbingly widespread here, and I imagine they have a pretty big share of the ‘broodje kroket’ market. This blog has some pictures both of the vending machines and a broodje kroket (near the end of the entry): http://www.acooknotmad.com/2011/08/twisted-in-amsterdam.html It seems that both there and elsewhere, the kroket is most often placed in a soft bun, but I think yours looks tastier!

  • Yeah, I guess you couldn’t exactly call this a “soft roll”—it’s a Gonnella brand French roll like what they use for Italian Beef sandwiches around here—but it’s not as crusty as it looks, it’s actually fairly soft.

    Couple of questions. Do people still make krokets out of leftovers? Also, can you demonstrate the pronunciation of broodje kroket for me?

  • Also, the sandwich pictured here was made and photographed last night, then placed in a paper sack and refrigerated overnight. It’s been in my backpack for the past couple hours and later I’ll have it for lunch. So that’s kind of authentic, right? We ate the hell out of those fries though, and Mindy and I did share one of these sandwiches last night while it was still fresh. I probably made my croquettes too good to be authentic, ‘cause they’re pretty great. It is weird how squishy they are but I didn’t find the texture offputting.

  • I’ve never heard anyone talk about it making it out of leftovers before, but of course I can’t rule out that people some people still do. At least in my circles, though, deep-fried stuff is something that people generally buy rather than make.

    As for the pronunciation, let’s try this: https://clyp.it/v5lrznml (never used the service before, and it asks me to log in to save the file, so let me know if the link doesn’t work!)

    Two disclaimers:

    1. although I am pretty fluent in Dutch, I am not a native speaker

    2. some people from the Amsterdam area would deny that what I’m speaking is proper Dutch at all: not because of the traces of an Austrian/German accent, but because you can really tell that I learned it in Limburg, a culturally, gastronomically and linguistically quite distinct area in the very South of the country. The most obvious sign for where I learned Dutch is my pronunciation is how I pronounce the letter ‘g’, which does not occur in ‘broodje kroket’, so it’s probably not too apparent, but I’m told that the ‘r’ is also pronounced differently in some way.

    edit: damn, those fries look delicious!

  • that’s great, thanks alex! I’ve been pronouncing it completely wrong—I’d assumed that the j in Dutch sounded more like the j in German—so this is really helpful!

  • just a heads up Tribunal folk, we got linked on Buzzfeed today and are getting higher-than-usual traffic, in case you’re into that kind of thing.

    Not as much higher as when we were in that Chilean newspaper tbh, but definitely higher than usual.

  • @alex is it OK with you if my post on the broodje kroket contains a playable MP3, edited down from your full recording, of just your pronunciation of the words “broodje kroket?”

  • Yeah, of course! That’ll at least partially make up for my failure to eat any myself!

  • edison said: I’m neither a sandwich specialist, enthousiast or even a regular sandwich eater, but this is a really cool project. I can’t wait for you guys to get to the Francesinha:   - a sandwich so utterly ridiculous I burst out laughing when I finished eating one on my own in Porto the other day. May be a bit hard to find one in the US, though!

    Please share your Francesinha wisdom with us edison. It is the month of the Francesinha and my test run over the weekend had mixed results. (My sauce was excellent, I thought, without any frame of reference, but the Fontina cheese I used was overpowering and there seems to be no agreement on what combination of meats and sausages makes up the standard Francesinha)

  • Okay, so my Francesinha ‘wisdom’ is limited to that one I had upon landing in Porto in 2014, and to the little bit of research I did right now. The sauce for the one I had was not exactly refined, to say the least, so more power to you for making it good! It seems to be right that there is no standard combination of meats, but various sources claim that linguiça, fresh sausage, ham and steak is the original combination (which, then again, raises the question of what exactly ‘fresh sausage’ is supposed to be - in my experience Portuguese tends to use very generic names for meat that can refer to different kinds depending on what day it is and where you find yourself, but I am not knowledgeable enough about meat to shed light on that). From what I’ve been reading the cheese you use will tend to be fairly neutral-tasting (generally it just says ‘queijo’ in most recipes, which is just ‘cheese’, but whenever there are specifications it says mozzarella or something like that). I think generally the spirit of the dish is just to go (very) wild with whatever you have lying around though! Also, again in my limited experience, you must feel dizzy and like you need a three-hour nap shortly after eating it.