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Narcissists in LA: Podcast Thread
  • Does anyone listen to the Harmontown podcast? I’m actually not as impressed by Harmon as a lot of people, and it’s a pretty hit-or-miss podcast under normal circumstances. Recently, though, they embarked on their first tour, have been releasing every show as a podcast, and it’s kind of triumphant. Harmon testing the audience’s love, then punishing them if they pass, trying out segment ideas that sometimes work and sometimes don’t, “rapping” about fucking your mom, finding the thinnest of pretenses for bringing randos on stage, getting next-level drunk and making an ass out of himself in Nashville, being stymied by the most upbeat heckler in history in Charlotte, being carried adoringly on the shoulders of hipsters in Brooklyn. The whole enterprise always seems like it’s seconds away from going completely off-the-rails, but somehow never does, and it’s kind of exhilarating to witness. Super bummed the Chicago show tomorrow is sold out, or I’d be there for sure.

  • Ben is addicted to this podcast and I hear it second hand ALL THE TIME. It is making me pumped to play Pathfinder with you all, so there is that. But if I hear ‘pee is yellow poop is brown’ one more time, I might break something.

  • haha, yeah, I like how even they are clearly sick of that song at this point.

  • That is a man whose personality I have never much cared for, no sirree

  • Critjuice is really funny. It is a drinking and dungeons and dragons podcast

  • Spencer is basically where it’s at.

  • I like the emerging narrative that Spencer is actually the hero of the story, and Dan is is the villain. I thought I was going to die when Spencer did his color text for the Mediocre Zookeeper monster.

    But holy fuck, that Pittsburgh show where Dan and his girlfriend had a not-a-bit fight on stage was brutal and amazing. A half hour of two people talking circles around each other, each trying to poke holes in the other’s carefully worded non-apologies, each thinking he or she was coming off as the reasonable one. Shit was real.

    I’ll have to try Critjuice, I listen to one D&D podcast, and am catching up on one now-defunct Pathfinder one, but they’re both so-so.

  • Oh fuck YES, A Life Well Wasted is back.

  • A couple things:

    1) I hate Jesse Thorn more with each passing day.

    2) I am 100% on the side of the angels re: World War Rape Jokes, but I feel icky about the Harmon thing, partly because his apology was so exhaustive that it seemed almost ironic, and partly because he says fucked up shit about race on his podcast on the regular without HuffPo et al turning it into a controversy. It all seemed timed and LA and gross, on both sides.

    3) Since I never followed up/properly thanked Dave: Critjuice is fantastic. The only D&D podcast where the DM and the players know the game AND are funny. Especially the DM: he is a fucking treasure.

  • What in the fuck is going on in here

  • Why in the hell would you spend time listening to what Dan Harmon says

  • “He described the season as “not my cup of tea” and compared the viewing experience to “flipping through Instagram just watching your girlfriend blow everyone” and seeing a friend “Like” a photo of your ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend on Facebook. But Harmon’s rant went into the distinctively unfunny territory when he made a rape joke..”



    Then it got unfunny

    It was super funny before that

  • http://www.avclub.com/article/the-best-podcasts-of-2013-106168

    So many comedy dudes.

    I like that they put a caricature of Cameron Esposito in the header and then never mention either of her podcasts

  • are any of you listening to any good podcasts? i’m tired of reruns of This American Life.

  • I could use some new ones, too.

  • I have mixed feelings about The Gist. I like that it’s a daily 20 min podcast that suits my train ride in the morning but I think he’s still settling in. Tries too hard sometimes. I want it to be better than it is but I also think it’s on the right track.

    So what are people’s regular podcasts at this point?

    My current listening pattern:

    Various Slate Gabfests

    Planet Money (which isn’t nearly as good as it was)

    NPR Culture Happy Hour


    Giant Bombcast (still the highlight)


    In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg

    JJ Hodgman


    On The Media

    Roderick On The Line (even though J Roderick is becoming more unbearable every week)

    Anything else I should be listening to that aren’t “comedy” podcasts?

  • Feel the same way about the Gist; I really like Mike Pesca so I was surprised how little I’ve liked the few episodes I’ve tried so far.

    In terms of news programming, both the Domestic & International hours of the Friday News Roundup on Diane Rehm are definitely worth listening to. Surely the cream of public radio’s centrist neoliberal crop

  • Also the Council on Foreign Relations podcasts (which are basically just recorded conference calls with policy wonks and journalists) can be super interesting though dry at times.

  • Killdozersnakeboy said: In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg

    I listen to In Our Time, plus a handful of other radio 4 podcasts - The Infinite Monkey Cage (kind of comedy, but not really, mostly science), Desert Island Discs, Thinking Allowed. Then there are a few 6music ones - Stuart Maconie’s Freakzone is great, Mastertapes, The First Time (those last two pop mup for short runs now and again but are currently off air). Sometimes I listen to Keepingitpeel, (http://keepingitpeel.wordpress.com/category/podcasts/) but that can make a person quite sad if he’s in the wrong frame of mind.

  • Thanks for the tips, I’ll check them out. I’m not listening to anything I’d recommend too highly, which is the problem.

    I listen to Wittertainment, which is a BBC movie review podcast - it’s good, but the hosts devote more and more time to reading out letters from fans and less and less to talking about movies.

    I tried listening to WTF and Stuff You Should Know, but the hosts didn’t do anything for me. I think I’d like something more… thoughtful? I guess that’s the word I’m looking for?

    Also I’m still listening to Harmontown but that’s a masochistic thing I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

  • The only podcast I make sure to stay current with is Welcome to Night Vale. I listen to Judge John Hodgman occasionally. I just don’t feel like I have time to listen to podcasts—I can’t do it while I’m doing anything that requires reading or writing because I can’t pay attention, and the only other time I really listen to them is while doing the dishes. Maybe if I walked more, or drove. Or privileged podcasts over TV or reading for pleasure, I guess. I dunno. I did like what I heard of Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files and every once in a great while I’ll check in on Doug Loves Movies or Comedy Bang Bang. I don’t really like “serious” podcasts very much either.

  • Adam, I think it’s interesting that you don’t find WTF thoughtful—I suppose it depends on the guest, but I feel like those interviews can get into really heavy shit. I definitely prefer those ones, the ones that get really personal, to the interviews that are mostly comedy-insider/aging comedians recollecting about their shared stomping grounds.

  • In addition to a few mentioned above, I listen these nerd-ass podcasts:

    Wiretap, with Jonathan Goldstein. It’s funny, but I wouldn’t call it comedy. You might recognize Jonathan Goldstein from a few episodes of TAL.

    Benjamin Walker’s Thoeory of Everything, kind of a mishmash of art, media, and conspiracy theory. Benjamin Walker also has an occasional show on WFMU called Too Much Information.

    Revolutions, a podcast about the history of modern revolutions by the guy who did nearly 200 podcasts on the History of Rome.

    BackStory, which I usually catch on the radio, about American history with three history professors.

    99% Invisible, a podcast about design. It’s well-regarded, though I’ve found it a bit boring lately.

    I listened to WTF for a little while, but lost interest. I thought the show tended to be hit or miss depending on the guest, and Marc Maron talks too much, which yeah, it’s a podcast, but.

    If you’ve got time on your hands for more than just podcasts, I’d recommend checking whether you local library offers audiobooks. I’ve got an hour-long commute and pretty much only listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

  • i just recently discovered the WTF podcasts a few weeks ago. I certainly can agree w/ needing the appropriate setting/time to listen to them…i wouldn’t just sit around at home and listen, but my commute takes anywhere from 50 to 80 minutes, so it works pretty well during that time.

    i’ve mainly been listening to the music-related ones that are currently downloadable, but i think i’ll buy the premium to get access to older ones. these ones were really great to listen to:

    Robyn Hitchcock Bob Mould S Malkmus Jason Isbell Ty Segall

    actually, they’ve all been worth hearing (others i’ve heard include Patterson Hood, Mac McCaughen, Wayne Kramer, Billy Gibbons, and Chris Cornell).

  • Yeah, I dunno. I hate how I have to skip through 15 minutes of him plugging products and talking about his cat every episode. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the internet to expect unlimited free media without advertisements.

  • listen via the WTFpodcast app. you can advance to wherever you want.

  • I just downloaded the Robyn hitchcock WTF and listened to it on my bus to work, so thanks for the tip-off. I have to say I found the adverts and the host pretty heavy going though.

  • Yeah, Maron’s general…personality, I guess, though that sure feels like a dick thing to say, has discouraged me from listening to most WTFs, even though some of those interviews are killer. That one with JD was maybe the deepest interview with him I have ever heard.

    Also, Hi Guys. I miss posting here. I’ll try to be better.

  • Oh also: can’t stand Harmon, but the trailer for the Harmontown documentary made me want to watch it, I think.

  • I kinda like Maron’s personality tbh, though I can only really take it in small doses

  • I thought Id revive this thread to mention Radiotopia, a collective of story-based podcasts that I’ve fallen in love with and been listening to voraciously on my daily commute over the last few weeks.

    So far, I’ve listened to The Truth (15-minute short stories), The Allusionist (etymology and language stories) and Song Exploder (artists including The Books, Wilco and Andrew Bird explaining how songs were written), but there are lot of others that look interesting.

    Anyway, it’s all over here, in case anyone’s interested…


  • I just noticed Heartbreak already mentioned 99% Invisible up there, which is part of the radiotopia thing

  • Theory of Everything, as well! I second Nick, all the Radiotopia podcasts are really great.

    Reading back over my post above, I want to re-recommend Revolutions, particularly the series on the Haitian Revolution. I didn’t learn much Haitian history at all in school, and it is fascinating stuff.

  • I p much only listen to people playing DnD any more, and Judge John Hodgman.