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  • I think there ought to be a dedicated drone thread.

    I don’t listen to as much drone as I did 3 or 4 years ago, but there’s still a top tier of artists out there who rearrange my brain cells with the possibilities of what they do.

    Gordon Ashworth has made 3 records under the name Concern. His latest, this year’s Misfortune, is sadly his last. Here is a 5 minute excerpt from the 15 minute opening track, Seven Billion Lives At Once. The whole EP is made from kora and box-harp samples.

    Concern - “Seven Billion Lives At Once” excerpt from the “Misfortune” LP by Isounderscore

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  • fitz those are awesome.

  • I’m listening to Expo ‘70 right now, and it’s pretty solid music to work to.

  • Pants said: fitz those are awesome.


  • tinnitus_photo said: I’m listening to Expo ‘70 right now, and it’s pretty solid music to work to.

    someone posted the whole expo 70 show I saw on youtube recently, which is funny because it’s just a black smoke-filled room with an occasional glimpse of the trippy mural on the wall every once in a while

  • This thread makes me so happy!! Is “Wandering Joy” the song title or the band? Or did you make that, Fitz? It’s beautiful. This drone is a lot nicer sounding then what I’m used to.

  • hey thanks! it’s a track from the last project i worked on. all raw feedback.

  • I love it!!

  • wow that concern snippet!

  • Enough of an object fetishist that I am very tempted by this: http://shop.temporaryresidence.com/trr194

  • Arlo said: Enough of an object fetishist that I am very tempted by this: http://shop.temporaryresidence.com/trr194

    That was my number 1 album of the 2000s, but even so, I think it would be my wallet disintegrating at $225 .

  • ::rimshot::

  • Eén by Machinefabriek

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiick Iiiiiiiiiiiink

  • Pants said:

    Eén by Machinefabriek

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiick Iiiiiiiiiiiink


    That Stroomtoon is a very nice album. The shorter tracks are a bit more digestible than that long one, but it’s all relative degrees of marvelousness. All mixed by Guiseppe Ielasi too.

  • I’m just listening for the first time, it’s great

  • alt text

    Gregg Kowalsky with Jozef Van Wissem - Movements In Marble & Stone

    This is pretty dense, but I do like the focus. The first track is 20 minutes long on the actual album. The label information says Kowalsky tuned an AM radio to random interference between channels, static abstractions that bookend the work. Within the core of the piece, Kowalsky used contact mics to process this, and other, sound source(s) as he moved around the performance space. The effect of this movement generates both melodic feedback and acoustic forms that provide a subtle complement to the static interference of the radio frequencies. On the second track, which is a lot more accessible, Kowalsky tuned square and sine waves to Dutch lutanist Jozef van Wissem’s lute and then played these recordings through cassette players. It’s a stonker.

    GREGG KOWALSKY - Electronic Music for Square and Sine Waves (Excerpt) by amishrecords

    GREGG KOWALSKY & JOZEF VAN WISSEM - For Baroque Lute, Tapes and Resonant Space (Excerpt) by amishrecords

    alt text

    Jozef Van Wissem (and his lutes)

  • I’ll check this out later, but I love Jozef Van Wissem. I’ve been listening to the records he did with Jim Jarmusch quite a bit lately. I regret missing him when he played a little art gallery by my house in Minneapolis a few years ago.

  • Oh, you’ll probably dig that second track there then. I must admit it’s the first time I’ve heard of him.

  • I was familiar with him through James Blackshaw—JVW played on that Garden of Forking Paths compilation (which is excellent, by the way) that he curated. Blackshaw is good too, but less droney and a bit more pretty than JVW.

  • Gate “Turned And Glowing Inwardly” by ultramarine.records

    the new Gate album slaaaaaaaays. this track is twenty minutes long.

  • Listening to the new Mike Shiflet. Here’s an oldie:

  • Although I’ve been mainly preoccupied with sexagenarian singers this year, there have been a few entertaining drone/ambient releases to note, and I thjought I’d just herd them up and stick them in a field here.


    Stephan Mathieu - Un Coeur Simple (Baskaru): This is my favourite. Stephan Mathieu’s drones are so delicate and detailed, they seem to seethe with specks and shards of colour and light. I was first turned on to him by his 2011 A Static Place album, and this is the best thing he’s done since then, I think. 8 tracks spread over an hour and one of the best half a dozen albums so far this year.

    stephan mathieu - un coeur simple (album preview) by experimedia


    Jasper TX - An Index Of Failure (Handmade Birds): A vinyl only round up of 5 leftover tracks that he was unable to fit into previous albums. It’s the final release under the Jasper TX name (which I must say, I’m kind of relieved about as it always made me a bit uneasy), and it’s a nice sombre, wintry collection.

    jasper tx - an index of failure (album preview) by experimedia


    Marsen Jules - The Endless Change Of Colour (12K): A bit of a departure from his usual melodic loops (2006’s Les Fleurs is still by far my favourite of his albums), this is a single, and somewhat intimidating 47-minute piece in which a phrase from an old Jazz record is split into 3 audio streams, transformed into loops and stretched out into continuously changing overlapping patterns, one overtone replacing another every few seconds. Oh yes, it’s on Taylor Deupree’s 12K label too, always a guarantee of quality.

    Marsen Jules - The Endless Change Of Colour by 12k


    Cory Allen - The Great Order (Quiet Design): He’s been around for donkey’s years, but I only found out about Cory Allen through his collaborations with Steinbruchel and Marcus Fischer last year. The latter, Two/Twenty-Two was one of the best ambient releases of 2012. Like that release, this album is two medium length pieces (around 15 minutes each), and it consists of a small set of musicians playing cello, vibraphone, acoustic guitar, piano and double bass, improvising within the confines of a sset of general instructions, producing a sort of self-organising system. It’s gentle and patient, and I like it a lot.

    cory allen - the great order (album preview) by experimedia


    Savvas Ysatis & Taylor Deupree - Origin (12K): Taylor Deupree’s warm, layered drones are given a ghostly sheen by Greek New Yorker Ysatis.

    Savvas Ysatis + Taylor Deupree - Origin by 12k

  • One more. A lovely album of hollowed out drones and muffled melody, akin to the mighty Coldstream.


    Ruhe - Easing (Cotton Goods)

    Easing by Ruhe

  • That Gregg Kowalsky/Jozef Van Wissem track is wonderful. I’ve just ordered the LP from the label. Then got the mp3 from Boomkat as I’m impatient.

  • Thanks so much for the rundown, Nick! I’ve long since given up on any pretenses of keeping up to date on new releases, droney or otherwise, so that’s incredibly helpful. Haven’t listened to all of those snippets yet, but I’ve just put in an order for the Cory Allen album (I ended up going for the package deal with another album of his, Pearls - have you heard that one? The previews promising too.), and am strongly tempted to get the Stephan Mathieu as well. Now going to listen some more.

  • ‘Pearls’, right - information filed, thanks! And I’m really happy it’s of interest to a couple of people her :-)

  • hi update this please

  • Oh, right-o! I must admit I’ve mostly been listening to Keith Hudson, The Pixies and David Bowie this year, but there has been room for a little dronage in between. Nothing from the top drawer perhaps, but anyway…

    I’m quite taken by ’The Wooden Laser’, by The Archivist (Craig Tattersall from The Boats and Hood). They’re faint, ambient, slightly glitchy tape loops, rather than drone I suppose. Boomkat put it somewhere between William Basinski and Pole, which is about right. Some clips at the b-kat.


    Then there’s Geoff Mullen’s ‘Filtered Water’, a mixture of feedback, tape collage and field recordings made somewhere in the Hudson Valley. I find it pleasantly jarring


    Marsen Jules Trio’s ‘Présence Acousmatique’ is much warmer, and includes a lovely reworking of an old MJ track, ‘Eillet Sauvage’


    Finally, Lawrence English’s ‘Lonely Women’s Club’ is a more intense, unflinching meditation.


    Plus, you know, that Machinefabriek dude, but there’s a whole thread on that.

  • It’s not really drone at all, but a new Tim Hecker album is always very exciting. Virgins is based on live recordings from 2012 in Reykjavic, Montreal and Seattle. It’s supposed to be more airy and percussive, theological, sideways…what I’ve heard sounds amazing


  • basinski’s “vivian and ondine” from a few years back is really stunning.

  • fitzhugh said: basinski’s “vivian and ondine” from a few years back is really stunning.

    Yes. That was 2009, and just about the last time he did anything that good.

  • after listening to Pelt for years, it was great to finally see them play live.

  • Some guy I follow on tumblr just started this blog, and it’s pretty fucking awesome:


  • jeb said: Some guy I follow on tumblr just started this blog, and it’s pretty fucking awesome:


    Great! It’s a nice surprise to see Concern there too. I don’t think they’re going any more but I really liked their sounds.

  • le

    Lawrence English’s latest album, Wilderness Of Mirrors is a colossal thing. Inspired by Earth, Swans and MBV, it’s up there with the best Tim Hecker releases as an example of loud, dense, layered, brain-drone.

  • My friend George just released this album. Everything is constructed from manipulated field recordings and it’s rad as shit:



  • Like it!

    I haven’t listened to this yet, but I’m a big admirer of Cory Allen so I just ordered his new collaboration with Duane Piter, The Seeker And The Healer:


    Apparently it uses a 49-string ‘drone harp’ that Allen invented for the record. Which can only be a good thing, I feel.


    (Is there a way to embed soundcloud on TNM? I can never manage to do it, even though I try all the different codes that they show)

  • we figured it out once but I don’t remember how… maybe they changed they’re code?


  • 2016 has been a bit of a drone revival year for me. The masterpiece behind this is Abul Mogard’s ‘Works’, which is just stunningly good. The story goes that he’s a Serbian factory worker who retired, missed the noise of his workplace, discovered Coil and decided to launch a later life musical career, which I hope is true. Excerpts are here (https://soundcloud.com/experimedia/abul-mogard-works).


  • That’s wonderful!

    Senyawa - Menjadi

    Not a pure drone album but I think you’d like it a lot Nick. Indonesian band’s album produced & released by Rabih Beaini (AKA Morphosis). Monster!

    alt text

  • I can’t play that video for some reason, but I will look into it, thanks.

    2016 has pretty much swamped me with good new music, as well as nice albums from some old trusties. A very strong year.