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Sandwich Tribunal
  • Francesinha post incoming in about 20 minutes

  • Awesome!

  • Side note: in the Francesinha I had in Porto, the fries were all swimming in sauce (which seemed to be lighter/more liquid) than yours and were as a result extremely flabby (and less nice-looking than yours in the first place anyway)

  • Yeah I noticed that my sauce was much more thick and opaque than most that I see, but the description says rich so I went rich.

    Francesinha poveira is the first one on the list this month, a variant but much much different than what I just had. Though it has an “especial” version that also uses the sauce. So I might need to try again.

  • I’m really glad this thread was revived, by the way, because I must shamefully admit that I had forgotten all about the Sandwich tribunal. I’ve read a few of the entries over the past few weeks now and very much hope that this will never happen again, because they were all glorious. Loved the Fluffernutter, in particular!

  • So this morning I sat in a National Rail train from Plymouth to Bristol and overheard the woman pushing the food/drinks trolley telling another passenger about the sandwich options. One of them was a falafel sandwich with hummus and sweet potato, and I found myself thinking “that actually sounds tasty, perhaps I should get one of those”. But then I remembered reading about the British Rail sandwich on the Sandwich Tribunal, and I thought “hmm, perhaps it’s better to just ask for a cup of tea and wait until Bristol to eat”. The guy sitting on the other side of the aisle did get it, and based on the visual impression, I was pretty glad that I had resisted the temptation. (And that was before I even knew how delicious the sausage rolls - both meaty and vegan - I wound up having instead at my destination would be. But this is not a thread about sausage rolls, so I’ll shut up.)

    Anyway, thanks for saving me, Sandwich Tribunal!

  • I’m glad we were able to save you from a bad sandwich :)

    btw we are also interested in sausage rolls