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why isn’t there a raccoon thread all up in here yet
  • baby raccoons!


    baby raccoon you have to eat!

  • Wow, baby raccoons! I don’t think I’ve ever seen baby raccoons before!

    And what the fuck is up with this spellcheck telling me I can’t put an “s” on raccoon when there’s more than one? “Look at all the baby raccoon?” I don’t think so.

  • Maybe this software believes in a collective plural for Procyon lotor.

    Also, am I the only one annoyed about being asked my gender to sign up here?

  • I like raccoons more than gender, I tell you what


  • I think we should have a thread about possums

  • Surgery Raccoon

    My friend Hilary painted this. It’s called “Surgery Raccoon” and it’s part of a whole series of animals with different occupations. “Horse Arsonist” is another one.

  • That is awesome.

  • guys I was drinking and watching the raccoon videos last night, I think maybe I broke the forum. Not sure. Thank you zach for fixing it just in case.

  • Raccoon Nation, an episode of Nature.

    Here’s the synopsis: Are human beings, in an effort to outwit raccoons, actually making them smarter and unwittingly contributing to their evolutionary success? Are the ever more complex obstacles that our fast-paced urban world throws at them actually pushing the development of raccoon brains? In this film, scientists from around the world share their thoughts and work to explore this scientific theory. Attempting to do something that has never been done before, they closely follow a family of urban raccoons as they navigate the complex world of a big city.

  • There was a GIANT raccoon (like the size of a labrador retriever, I swear, kind of) on my block night before last, and it just sat on the sidewalk and looked at me, and then it ran back and forth in front of me in a very odd non-raccoon-like fashion and then it spun in circles a couple of times and then I was like … this raccoon ain’t right. I mean, it was very well lit outside and there were lots of people. I actually did call the city hotline to see if I should report it to anyone, ‘cause you know, that’s probably a sick raccoon, but they just said animal control wouldn’t do anything outside working hours. So I don’t know what happened to that raccoon!

  • apes can be such dicks

  • Guys it has been quite some time and I know this forum isn’t very active but I think it is important that everyone acknowledge the greatness of this raccoon in St. Paul Minnesota.


  • Additionally: I have not yet seen Incredibles 2 but I have been spoiled to the effect that there appears to be a raccoon fight in it at some point

  • My relatives were arguing last weekend about which syllable of raccoon should be stressed, because we love a daft argument, and I walked in halfway through the debate. “Alistair,” one of them accosted me, eager to prove the point one way or the other. “How would you say the name of this animal pictured here on your nephew’s shoe?” I took a close look at the picture on the shoe. “That?” I answered eventually. “That’s a bear.” And indeed it was.

  • How is it even humanly possible to stress the first syllable in raccoon? Also, why are there no shoes for adults with raccoons and/or bears on them?

  • Miss you all too x