Meditation Month 2024

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Film Club

Carving the Divine

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How the First Buddhist Women Became Free


Online Courses

Timeless teachings. Modern methods.

Equanimity and Fierce Compassion

Real Life

This is a six-part online course about the journey from isolation and contraction to connection and expansion. Enroll today to walk this path with Sharon beginning November 13.

With Sharon Salzberg

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Dharma Talks

Video teachings with contemporary Buddhist teachers

Film Club

Buddhist films and discussion for the 幸运飞行艇168体彩开奖网 community

Carving the Divine

Carving the Divine offers a close look at the artistry and intention that goes into the 1400-year-old tradition of Buddhist wood-carving.

By Yujiro Seki


Conversations with contemporary Buddhist leaders & thinkers